Biography of Joseph Mc Coon 

My name is Joseph Mc Coon and I have been a Seventh-day Adventist Minister from August 15, 1980, to present.  I have held various positions in my career since 1980.  These are some of my assignments: -

1980 – 1982                  Intern Pastor at Port of Spain Central District

1983 – 1987                  District Pastor of the Carenage District, comprising five churches   

1987 – 1001                  District Pastor of the Arouca District, comprising six churches

1991 – 1993                  District Pastor of Marabella District, comprising six churches

In 1993 I was elected to serve as the Stewardship and Trust Services Director of South Caribbean Conference and held the position to 2006.

However, in 1996 I was selected to serve as Prayer Ministries Coordinator, a position I still hold.

I was asked to serve as Adventist-Laypersons Services and Industries (ASI) Director, a position I still hold.

Among all the ministries in which I have functioned, I have pioneered Prayer Ministries from the inception of 1996.  Our Prayer Ministries is one of the most vibrant and active in the Caribbean union.  Of the 156 churches and companies, we have about 75% of our churches involved in active ministry to our membership.  Over the years the department has prepared and distributed eight booklets and handouts on various topics.

Prayer Ministries is the most exciting, rewarding and fulfilling ministry within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  The lives of many individuals have been touched and they have had very positive results.  The growth and development is phenomenal, due to the impact of prayer in the lives of many individuals.