Biography of
Pastor Clyde Yearwood

Clyde Terrance Yearwood grew up in the village of Maraval.  He lived with his parents and five siblings of whom he was the eldest.  He attended All Saints EC Primary School and then the Belmont Secondary School.  He got married to his beautiful wife Phyllissia Yearwood, on the 18th of December, 1983.  Together they have two sons and two daughters, who have blessed them with five beautiful grandchildren.  In August 1989, Pastor Yearwood decided to give his life to the Lord through baptism.

Pastor Yearwood received divine intervention form God and he started studies at the USC (then CUC) Maracas, St. Joseph.  His Experience was successful and he graduated in 2000 with a BA in theology. 
Pastor Yearwood recalled that in 1970s he was thinking of the year 2000 and pondered on what he might me doing, not knowing that God would have chosen him as a vessel to carry out His work.  Shortly after graduating, on the 1st of July 2000 he had his first appointment in the Woodbrook District as an intern working with Pastor Paul Philbert as his supervisor. 

Pastor Yearwood has been privileged to baptize over 250 persons including persons within the Trinidad prison system.  He holds each baptism close to his heart and prays that he good Lord will continue to use him to do His work.
Pastor Yearwood has worked in Diego Martin, Barataria, Brother’s Road and Maraval Districts.  Currently he is ministering to the community in the Guaico Districts.