Biography of
Pastor Kezlyn Daisley-Harrow


Kezlynn Daisley-Harrow, comes from a family of five, mother father one sister two brothers.
She was hired as a pastor with the south Caribbean Conference of Seventh-day Adventist as the first female minister in the conference history on the 1st of July 2010.  This is a special moment in our church’s history. 

Pastor Daisley-Harrow has worked in three districts (Couva, Cleveland Temple, D'abadie) in the past five years and is currently working in the Marabella district with pastor Garvin Paul.  She has hosted several conference programmes including Net 2012 and Vision 1 Million Convention. 
Pastor Daisley-Harrow is married to Pastor Larry Harrow the present pastor of the Gasparillo District.

They are the first and only husband and wife Pastors in the Caribbean Union Conference. 

In service for Christ.