Biography of 
Courtney Francois 

When the fullness of time was come Courtney Francois entered into this life on May 22, 1972, He was born a fourth generation Seventh-day Adventist in the beautiful country side village of Guayaguayare.

His Family tree of Seventh-day Adventist had a few broken branches, but was able to lean towards the sunlight through the assistance of his brother and mentor, Sherwin Francois.  One Sabbath afternoon, during a prayer and fast service, he bravely participated in the discussion that was a subject of contention.  He was then a form 3 student of Sangre Grande Junior Secondary School.  After his contribution, Brother Arthur Mc Night, First Elder of the New Lands Seventh-day Adventist church, addressed the congregation and recommended the Courtney Francois be sent to Caribbean Union College to study Theology.  It was the first time in his life that anyone openly expressed such great confidence in him to attain so big a goal in life. 

That seed, sown in his heart, developed permanent root and at the completion of his CXC examination in1989 he entered the “School of the Prophets” in response to his call to ministry.  It was a fight with the devil from the beginning. The Education Secretary of his church Ms. Zita Phriday Lewis, and Mr. Lemuel Lewis, his Junior Sabbath School Teacher were driving to the campus of USC (then CUC). Suddenly the car swerved off the road and landed below the road in someone’s front yard.  Instead of aborting the mission they reported the accident to their relatives. Still shaken up by the close encounter, and with great determination he was taken as planned to begin ministry. 

After his graduation in 2005, Pastor Francois served as an Intern under the supervision of Pastor Teelbaney Singh at the La Romaine District, and in 2007 became a District Pastor.  He fulfilled his duties with great joy and is currently enjoying ministry at la Brea District. Pastor Francois is also the founder of Resurface Radio, the first Christian Internet Radio Station in Trinidad and Tobago.  His station is located at the Head Office of the South Caribbean Conference of Seventh-day Adventist.  Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Francois has been able to lead 203 precious souls to the Lord. 
Pastor Courtney Francois is happily married to his friend and faithful companion Sister Avalon Francois who is his greatest supporter and partner in ministry.  Together they have two sons, Dominique and Deonte.